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Digital Dynamo: Syed Mustafizur Rahman Shuvo

Syed Mustafizur Rahman Shuvo, Head of Daraz Marketing Solution at Daraz Bangladesh, Illuminates the Path to Marketing Excellence.

Q: How does your typical day look like as the Head of Daraz Marketing Solutions (DMS)?

Well, there is nothing such as a typical day. Every day is bright and full of new challenges (smile) and opportunities. It definitely revolves around meeting our partners and brands and constantly trying to help them achieve their objectives through innovative Retail Media Marketing solutions.

Q: As a leader in your field, what experiences or skills are required to be on top of the Digital business game?

It always starts with the hunger to learn, adapt, and implement at the right time with the right intention. In the digital business, one has to understand the market very well – how it reacts, what is the trend, and so on. The blend of business development strategy and digital insights is a must.

Q: You have worked in the Telecom industry, Advertising sector, as well as in the Publisher end too. What has excited you to explore in the E-commerce advertising domain?

Globally, Retail Media Marketing or the way you put it as E-commerce advertising has become a 360-degree platform for perfect integrated campaigns. Let me share a small insight – Amazon Ads platform revenue has an annual run rate of $43 Bn USD now, which is more than the accumulated revenue of Snapchat, Twitter (X), and TikTok. It is the 3rd largest ad platform after Alphabet (Google) and (Facebook). Isn’t that fascinating? Daraz, being the market giant in the e-commerce industry across the South Asian countries, is now offering a one-stop solution for the sellers and advertisers to promote their products and to get the utmost visibility with ROI. It surely calls for excitement (smile).

Q: Throughout your professional journey, what have been some key milestones or learnings that have shaped your career in the advertising and AdTech industry?

I believe being exposed to B2B sales at the start of my career has given me a sense of understanding of the voice of the customers or the clients. While working for Axiata Group, we had to expand the nationwide SME channel for digital products, and my team led it pretty successfully with YOY growth – which I consider an interesting aspect as it taught me distribution strategy as well. Or, a little initiative while being on the publisher’s end, like customizing an offer during Ramadan which would only be availed post-Iftaar, leveraged the brand big time.
Also, when I was at IBA-Jahangirnagar University, it was a funny thing for us to say that we have a Stress-Management Course in every Semester (Laughter) – which paved my way to deal with critical situations in the corporate world.

Q: What initially drew you to the field of advertising, and how has your passion for this industry evolved over the years?

I started getting involved in FGDs of advertising agencies during my university days. Sometimes, even I managed people for the whole Focused Group Discussions on Brand launch, TG identification. Also, within the friend circle, we used to talk a lot about which TVC is making an impact and what digital campaign has created a buzz in recent times. I guess my interest grew from there.

Q: Could you share any notable highlights or campaigns you have worked on in the past that have had a significant impact on the brands or businesses involved?

Iftaar/Sehri alert campaign for a renowned FMCG brand, integrated ad placements during the Cricket World Cup for a DTH brand, a holistic approach for an Electronics brand during the Daraz Anniversary campaign which ensured 15x plus ROI, and definitely leveraging mid-tier to big-ticket sellers through DMS solutions in the 11.11 campaign have given me an adrenaline rush while seeing the Brands happy and fulfill their objectives.


Every day is bright and full of new challenges and opportunities, revolving around meeting our partners and brands, constantly trying to help them achieve their objectives through innovative Retail Media Marketing solutions.– Syed Shuvo

Q: What are some of your interests or areas of focus outside of the working realm? How do you strike a balance between work and personal pursuits?

Reading books, particularly autobiographies of different walks of people, is one of my favorite pastimes. I love good music and compose sometimes to keep my mind at calm. The actual chord strikes when you have family and good people around to hang out with, which I am very lucky to have in my life.

Q: Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals and aspirations as the Head of Daraz Marketing Solution? How do you envision shaping the future of advertising within Daraz Bangladesh Ltd?

I, along with my extended team, are establishing the channel not only as an E-com advertising platform but also as a one-stop marketing solution platform where the brand gets to be visible in front of 9 Mn+ people with purchase intention. With 4 pillars of DMS – Branding solution, Performance solution, Content solution (Live+KOL), and Engagement solution – we aim to give full control in hand to our sellers and partners. The right connection between Commercial offerings on Daraz and Marketing solutions will take us a long way.

Q: In your opinion, what are the key trends and challenges currently facing the advertising industry in Bangladesh?

If you could address a few for the readers. The advertising industry in Bangladesh, at least for programmatic or publisher-end solutions, is still relationship-driven. It is good, yet the credibility of any platform should be analyzed first. Also, the mindset of considering digital advertising only limited to Facebook & Google needs to get changed. There are multiple solutions out there in Bangladesh now, which open a variety of advertising scopes for the Brands, be it in terms of awareness or conversion.

Q: As a leader, what leadership principles or strategies do you follow to foster a positive and productive work environment?

LISTEN TO PEOPLE! That’s something I follow rigorously. The decision can be taken based on the situation and goals, but listening to your fellow teammates, leaders, customers, and understanding their point of view are very important. The sign of a healthy culture is when you start enjoying spending time with the people whom you spend 8 hours of the day with.

Q: Lastly, could you provide any advice or words of wisdom for aspiring professionals who are looking to build a successful career in the advertising industry?

Be genuine and find your passion. Explore and talk to people, do not hesitate. Because you never know what is waiting for you tomorrow, but you can surely dream of a beautiful day ahead.

We are establishing the channel as a one-stop marketing solution platform which has 9Mn+ monthly active users. With 4 pillars covering aspects of – Branding, Performance, Content (Live+KOL) and Engagement – the full control is in hand of our sellers and partners.” – Syed Shuvo

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