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Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.


If we had perfect control over our thoughts, especially where emotions are concerned, life would

Since a person's childhood till his death, everybody continuously points out his flaws and incapability

In this fast-pacing world, while all of us are trying to keep up, success doesn't

When a business provides services rather than tangible products, is called service-based business. Here, it

The Daily Star The pandemic is transforming communities and accelerating digitalization and the technology adoption across

This Tuesday, the iDEA Project of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which works towards building

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I have met with Julie Murat, Co-founder, and COO of Bridge for Billions. She has shared with us about her

What hits your mind when you think about the Bangladesh national cricket team? In one name, it is- Shakib Al

Evaly is one of the fastest-growing E-commerce companies in Bangladesh, Founded by Mohammad Rassel. Its journey started in December 2018.

We have seen various superheroines on-screen and admire and idolize them to the fullest. These superheroines not only influence us,

MFS is the sector that has seen the most growth in the finance sector of Bangladesh in the last decade.  Between

Cars have become a prerequisite in our modern lives. Cars come in many brands. However, cars can widely be divided



2020 was such a tough year for the whole world, but still people didn't stop facing and overcoming challenges. The

Battle Of Minds, popularly known as BOM, is one of the most prestigious business competitions in Bangladesh. British American Tobacco

 “Perfetti Van Melle Presents CreADive 2020” is one of the flagship events organized by BUP Business & Communication Club, and


Ringme shop is ready to surprise us by launching in Bangladesh on 1 February. Ringme Shop, a new e-commerce platform. It

Robi Axiata Limited, which is basically the second-largest mobile network operator in Bangladesh, has recently inaugurated an innovation lab at

Focusing on the motto "Living Dreams" Ranks F.C. Properties Ltd. (RFPL) has launched a new business lounge named 'Oak Lounge'


Being the Co-founder of Youth Opportunities, Osama Bin Noor recently acknowledged as Asia's Top Outstanding Youth Marketer of the Year

2020 has been a mixed year of closure due to uncertainty and a quick opening to telecom industries' innovations in

The most prestigious award in Bangladesh, "Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020," was achieved by Startup Chattogram, one of the most

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