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Celebrating Winners Of Offer Koi Presents Marketie

Army IBA Marketing & Innovation Club has successfully organized Marketie.

Marketie is an intra marketing case competition for Army IBA’s students to play with brands, generate unique and feasible campaign ideas, experience being a marketing head and grow knowledge. The intra case competition had three challenging super fun rounds with exciting elements for the participants to work with.

Army Institute Of Business Administration is enriched with modern teaching facilities and offers diversified club culture. Army IBA Marketing & Innovation Club is one of them. They are making convenient and effective marketing learning in the business world. This club allows students to be marketing professionals for the future through an interactive platform. It has started its operation with the motto “Building Individuals to Set Out Value”. Army IBA Marketing & Innovation Club works as a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation. Since its inception, the club has launched multiple events that many students appreciated. 

40+ teams started their journey with Marketie this year. In the first round, the participants had to work with a new company and create a product with certain requirements and criteria. The teams had 4–5 days to make a new brand for the mentioned company. Eighteen teams made it to the semi-final round!

In the semi-final round, they had to work with marketing strategies and made an OVC for Offer Koi. The feedback received by the participant were spectacular all across the social media platforms. Only 8 teams could secure their places for the final round. The final has been a nerve-wracking live video presentation. The selected participants had to solve another case and present their ideas to the respected judges from renowned corporate organizations. It has been conducted on an online meeting platform.

Among 8 Finalist teams, Team Acolytes of Kira, Team Azor Ahai, and Team Army Bee’s respectively secured the Champion titles, the First Runner Up and the Second Runner Up. Along with the titles, the teams achieved monetary prizes of BDT 3500, BDT 2500, and BDT 2000. A special mention to team Luck is a Superpower for the best OVC, and they received prize money of BDT 1000.

The event had Gaznobay, Boipathok, Content Craft, Paperback and CVdao as their event partners. 

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