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Bidya Sinha Mim

Bidya Sinha Mim Joins bKash As Brand Endorser

Bangladeshi popular actress and model Bidya Sinha Mim, has partnered with bKash, the nation’s leading Mobile Financial Services (MFS) provider, as its Brand Endorser, to spearhead the drive towards digital transactions. Mim’s association with bKash aims to inspire and educate people, particularly the youth, about the benefits of embracing digital financial solutions.

The official signing ceremony took place amidst much fanfare at bKash’s headquarters in the heart of the city on March 21st, as detailed in a press release. Notable attendees included Mir Nawbut Ali, Chief Marketing Officer of bKash, and Mohammad Rashedul Alam, EVP & HoD, Supply Chain & Procurement of bKash, alongside other senior executives.

Mim, renowned for her acting prowess and widespread appeal, has amassed a loyal following, particularly among the younger demographic. Her illustrious career has been adorned with prestigious accolades such as the National Film Award and the India Bangladesh Film Award. Now, as the face of bKash, Mim will lend her influence to various campaigns and initiatives aimed at promoting the brand’s products, services, and core values to the masses.

Mim expressed her enthusiasm for this new journey with bKash, saying, “Bangladesh is embarking on a transformative journey towards a cashless economy. In this endeavor, bKash stands at the forefront, offering a myriad of cashless transaction services. I am thrilled to join the bKash family in advocating for the widespread adoption of digital transactions across the country. It’s an honor to be part of such a significant initiative aimed at making Bangladesh cashless.”

Mim’s partnership with bKash signifies a significant step forward in the nation’s digital evolution, promising to empower individuals and communities through accessible and efficient financial solutions. With Mim’s influential voice and bKash’s innovative services, the vision of a cashless Bangladesh is within reach.

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