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Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo

Brand Mastery Triumph: Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo

Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo, Manager, Head of Brand, Fresh Ceramics at Meghna Group of Industries, his ten-year journey, starting from college experiences, reflects a foundation in customer care. Shahjada’s skills in negotiation and communication propelled him into a dynamic career in sales and marketing.

In the dynamic realm of brand management and business development, Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo, widely recognized as Shahjada, stands as a paragon of success. Presently steering the Brand Management ship as the Manager, Brand (Head of Brand) for Fresh Ceramics under Meghna Group of Industries (MGI), Shahjada’s professional odyssey unfolds as a riveting narrative, replete with accomplishments and invaluable lessons for aspirants venturing into the corporate labyrinth.

Shahjada’s transformative impact transcends various companies, leaving an enduring mark on business operations. In Akij Ceramics Limited, Shahjada, as Deputy Manager, Marketing | Head of Brand, played a pivotal role in the AkijBashir working committee during the launch of AkijBashir Group. His responsibilities encompassed overseeing the website, digital, social media, and PR (Public Relation) of AkijBashir and Akij Selections, spearheading the Group Launching and Event Planning, along with the Strategic Planning of the group.

At Star Ceramics Limited, Shahjada reshaped the Marketing Department, serving as the department head. He managed the ATL Team, BTL Team, Outdoor Team, and VM (Visual Merchandising) Team. Additionally, he played a key role in designing the Brand Book and Brand Guidelines, contributing to the strategic development of 16 Sub-Brands and themes of Star Ceramics and Sanitary Wares.

“Success is a journey demanding adaptability, vision, and an unwavering commitment to perpetual learning.”Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo

Shahjada has been actively engaged in mentoring and making substantial contributions to the Brand and Marketing Industry of Bangladesh, beyond his primary job and career responsibilities in reputed conglomerates. Currently, he proudly serves as an executive committee member of the Marketers’ Institute Bangladesh (MIB). The institute is dedicated to establishing a robust network of Brand, Sales, and Marketing Professionals across the country, while also focusing on enhancing the professional skills of marketers in their respective fields. Additionally, Shahjada is a key contributor to the inception and ongoing activities of “Bangladesh Marketing Day,” an initiative spearheaded by MIB.

In conjunction with his role at MIB, Shahjada holds a significant position as an executive committee member of the Marketing Alumni Association (MAA) at the University of Dhaka. Within MAA, he assumes the role of Assistant Event and Corporate Affairs Secretary, contributing to the organization’s extensive network of marketing professionals associated with the Department of Marketing at the University of Dhaka.

Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo

Further extending his impact, Shahjada actively participates as a member of the Standing Committee on Fair, Branding, Promotion, Press & Media, and Business Development within the Bangladesh Ceramic Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BCMEA). Through these diverse roles, Shahjada is making a noteworthy contribution to the development of the branding, marketing, and business sectors in Bangladesh.

During his tenure at the Danish Concer of Partex Star Group, Shahjada, as Assistant Manager, Brand, managed six robust categories under four esteemed brands, making significant contributions to company’s revenue generation.

In his roles at PRAN, and IGLOO, Shahjada demonstrated versatility and proficiency. At PRAN, as Assistant Manager, Operations, he played a pivotal role in trade, distribution, factory operation, recipe formulation, cost management, and day-to-day operation-related works of assigned local and export juice products. In there, Shahjada successfully launched LATINA 100% Juice, the first-ever 100% concentrated pulp-based juice in Bangladesh. At IGLOO, as Executive, Brand, Shahjada managed assigned impulse, family, and parlor ice cream categories, providing brand-related support to pasteurized milk and flavored milk categories. Before that in Olympic, Shahjada was also responsible to working for Candy, Battery and Pen categories as Officer, Brand.

These varied experiences underscore Shahjada’s expertise in navigating diverse industries, contributing significantly to the success and growth of each brand under his leadership.

Shahjada’s trajectory attests to the potency of versatility and network synthesis. His adept navigation across diverse industries, from FMCG to Building Materials, underscores the significance of assimilating varied experiences. For newcomers, recognize the enriching value each role contributes to your skill set, cultivating a versatility imperative for triumph in brand management.

Adaptability is the hallmark of Shahjada’s triumph. His tenacity in confronting challenges underscores the importance of embracing change. For newcomers, approach challenges as crucibles for growth. Be adaptable, glean insights from setbacks, and let each experience hone your skill set, metamorphosing you into an invaluable asset in brand management.

Shahjada’s unwavering commitment to innovation is mirrored in his involvement in pioneering projects. Accolades like the Best Brand Award and the Superbrand Award underscore the significance of setting and surpassing ambitious goals. For novices, this underscores the need to transcend conventional boundaries and strive relentlessly for excellence.

Shahjada’s Noteworthy Achievements Resonate With Excellence And Innovation:

Shahjada’s pivotal contributions propelled Akij Ceramics Limited to clinch the Best Brand Award for the fourth time. This accomplishment stands as a testament to his strategic vision and finesse in brand management.

The Superbrand Award in solidified Akij Ceramics Limited’s position as a distinguished brand. This recognition underscores Shahjada’s unwavering commitment to maintaining a standard of excellence.
Shahjada’s innovative approach garnered acclaim with the Bangladesh Innovation Award. Specifically, his dedication to pioneering solutions in the industry is evident with the recognition for Akij Ceramics Braille Tiles. These achievements collectively showcase Shahjada’s commitment to elevating brands through strategic vision and groundbreaking solutions.

“Networking is the lifeblood of brand marketing. Be receptive and extend a modest gesture when meeting new people. You never know when that particular person’s assistance might be pivotal in your life. Extend a warm welcome irrespective of ranks, races, ethnicity, or background. We are just a handshake away.”Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo

Shahjada’s philosophy of profitable brand management accentuates the primacy of ensuring Return on Investment (ROI). His approach of taking ownership, being visionary, and assuming full responsibility is a blueprint for success.

For newcomers, Shahjada’s journey offers invaluable lessons. Embrace diverse experiences, recognize the importance of networking, and view challenges as stepping stones to growth.

Shahjada’s leadership at Fresh Ceramics reflects a strategic vision centered on uncovering genuine consumer needs to drive substantial sales. His approach, emphasizing the sharing of Fresh Ceramic’s actual needs through their brand showroom, not only cultivates customer satisfaction but also nurtures a foundation of trust.

A cornerstone of Shahjada’s brand strategy lies in maintaining a vigilant eye on brand positioning. Fresh Ceramics transcends mere financial transactions, evolving into a curator of an extraordinary lifestyle that resonates profoundly with its target audience.

In his sage advice for sales and lead generation, Shahjada underscores the imperative of heterogeneity. Advocating for a broad perspective encompassing every industry, he emphasizes the significance of versatility and adaptability. For those poised to contribute to sales and lead generation, Shahjada imparts invaluable guidance, urging them to acquire theoretical and practical proficiency, conduct extensive industry research, engage in market visits, and embrace modern technological tools for a competitive edge.

Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo’s career journey serves as a blueprint for those charting paths in the corporate world. His experiences weave a tapestry of resilience, adaptability, strategic thinking, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As professionals embark on their own journeys, Shahjada’s story becomes a source of inspiration and guidance, reminding them that success is not just a destination but a continuous, evolving journey.

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