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Farha Naz Zaman

Pinnacle Of Excellence: Farha Naz Zaman

Farha Naz Zaman, Head of Marketing at Grameenphone, has been honored with the prestigious “Asia’s Top Outstanding Woman Marketeer of the Year” award by the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF). She describes it as a humbling experience that also passes on to her the responsibility to contribute with more.

It felt extra special for her to be able to put Bangladesh on the global landscape of the marketing world.

Farha has previously received the “JCI Bangladesh Women of Inspiration Award 2023” for Women in Corporate Leadership. What made it unique was the opportunity to share the recognition with other women from diverse backgrounds, bringing her a memory to cherish ever so deeply.

For Farha, the significance of such awards go beyond personal achievements. She sees it as an inspiration for others, especially women, emphasizing that it’s not about undertaking extra effort due to gender but rather about showcasing the motivation, inspiration, and exemplary achievements that anyone—regardless of gender—can attain.

In our conversation, Farha shared key insights garnered from her successful career in marketing. She underlined the importance of focusing on strengths, advocating for individuals not to be distracted or detached from what they excel at. “Build on your strength”, she emphasized, suggesting that personal authenticity and being in tune with one’s purpose are vital for individual growth.

Farha highlighted the common misconception about marketing being just about flashiness, emphasizing the true engagement required with the people in the field and the customers. Her advice included gaining experience in other sectors, such as customer service, retail, sales or digital services, to attain a holistic understanding and practical exposure.

Beyond gender inclusivity, Farha outlined the need to create equal opportunities for both men and women in Bangladesh, especially in challenging roles. She believes that caring for a girl should be about letting her make her own decisions; not to make it on behalf of them, and thus creating a truly inclusive and empowering environment that fosters equal growth opportunities. Addressing young women in the field of marketing, the seasoned professional advised them to never let gender bias overwhelm them; rather focus on building a support system at work and beyond to help them overcome challenges.

When discussing the future for women in leadership roles, Farha expressed optimism, citing the encouraging atmosphere at Grameenphone, where around 40 female Cluster Managers have been thriving, taking on challenges alongside their male counterparts. Grameenphone currently also has a female Circle Business Head and 2 female Regional Heads.

Reflecting on her proudest career moments, Farha highlighted her bold career movement decisions: transitioning from sales to marketing, exploring beyond telecommunications, and taking up the challenge to establish a new segment. She firmly believes these decisions shaped her into being the self-assured marketeer she is today.

Farha’s journey is a testament to one’s power of resilience, authenticity, and the willingness to make bold decisions, eliminating all worries and mental barriers regarding their gender or social identity. Her insights and experiences serve as a guiding light, inspiring both women and men in the fields of marketing, communication, and beyond.

The story of Farha’s career is not just a projection of one person’s personal triumph, but rather the example of a shining beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring professionals, irrespective of gender, in the vibrant landscape of marketing and leadership. Her narrative truly highlights the importance of staying true to oneself, daring to explore beyond boundaries, and embracing the strength within to achieve remarkable success.

“Build on your strength; personal authenticity and alignment with one’s purpose are vital for individual growth in any field.” – Farha Naz Zaman

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