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Armeen Ahmed

Banking Odyssey: Armeen Ahmed

Armeen Ahmed, Vice President, Unit Head, City Alo Retail of City Bank, remarkable career in the banking sector, spanning a notable 15 years, has been marked by a predominant focus on corporate banking.

Her journey commenced at Standard Chartered Bank, where she dedicated eight years to honing her skills in corporate banking. Following this, she transitioned to Eastern Bank Ltd for a two-year stint before joining the ranks of City Bank Corporate for another two years. Currently, she stands at the helm of City Bank Alo, steering the ship of the women’s banking sector for the past three years.

Armeen Ahmed

Armeen, an alumna of North South University with a solid educational background in finance, accounting, and marketing, found her calling in the world of banking due to a deep-rooted inclination towards finance. In the early stages of her career, the allure of multinational banking cast a spell, presenting a perception of success that resonated strongly with recent graduates.

Navigating the dynamics of a career in banking as the sole professional in a family entrenched in business wasn’t without its challenges. Armeen initially faced skepticism from her family regarding her venture into the job market. However, with time, their support not only prevailed but also marked a significant turning point in her professional journey.

City Alo, the women’s banking sector under City Bank, represented a new and challenging chapter for Armeen. Boasting a 35% female deposit base, this segment was designed to tap into the market of underrepresented bankable women. The transition from the world of corporate banking to spearheading City Alo was a monumental 180° move, demanding the establishment of the sector from scratch.

Armeen’s leadership philosophy is grounded in a nuanced understanding of the distinctions between bosses and leaders. As a unit head, she places emphasis on motivating her team, steering clear of a dictatorial approach. This leadership style aims not only to enhance team productivity but also to foster an environment where acceptance within and outside the team remains high.

Beyond the demands of her intensive work schedule, Armeen devotes her free time to her 12-year-old daughter. While past hobbies like reading and painting may have taken a back seat, she channels her creative energies into designing City Alo products that are attuned to the specific needs of women in the banking sector.

Armeen Ahmed

Armeen’s career is punctuated by notable achievements, including spearheading the financing of the Chittagong Elevated Expressway and contributing to a groundbreaking water project in Purbachol. Notably, she takes pride in her role in structuring City Alo since its inception, underscoring it as a significant accomplishment in her professional journey.

City Alo’s commitment to inclusivity extends to reaching out to all sectors of women within the category of bankable women. Armeen keenly identifies emerging trends that are shaping the future of banking, highlighting the heightened competitiveness of local banks against multinational counterparts, the growing influence of centralized banks, and the increasing prevalence of digital banking.

Her advice to aspiring professionals in the banking industry is anchored in authenticity, honesty, and unwavering passion. While acknowledging the challenges faced by women in the industry, she underscores the importance of integrity and staying true to oneself as indispensable qualities for navigating the intricacies of a banking career.

In conclusion, Armeen Ahmed’s journey from the corporate echelons to leading City Alo not only showcases her professional prowess but also illuminates her commitment to empowering women in the banking sector. Her narrative serves as a wellspring of inspiration for aspiring professionals navigating the ever-evolving landscape of finance.

“Empowering women in banking is about authenticity, motivation, and unwavering passion. Stay true to yourself, navigate challenges with integrity, and success becomes a meaningful journey.” – Armeen Ahmed

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