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As Covid-19 has changed the lifestyle, so many Americans have cast their ballots in the 2020 election. Patrick Stevenson who is the chief mobilization officer at the Democratic National Committee has had to make sure people know their options voting

Bloomberg Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has defeated Donald Trump to become the 46th U.S. president, unseating the incumbent with a pledge to unify and mend a nation reeling from a worsening pandemic, faltering economy and deep political divisions. Biden’s victory came after

During the pandemic, we are undoubtedly facing many challenges within seconds. Whether your business is an empire or a startup, it has been facing many changes even before the pandemic. The pandemic has further emphasized the significance of staying steady

After completing a successful project, we tend to do some activities or work that help us not feel empty. But all of a sudden, you realize that your appointment is not giving a productive output. We tend to blame ourselves

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Ethics and Governance are precisely some self-explanatory terms. Even though they subtly sound similar to the way they are used but they do have crucial discrepancies considering each of their significance in corporates. Going forward, this

The age-old debate on what real leadership is has raised several conflicts over the years but what is it, really? In the military, people are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the other. In 2013, Captain William Swenson was awarded

Rejection is not easy to accept, especially when it comes to getting a job. Job is a significant part of our lives because it enables us to provide support to our families by earning a salary. Facing rejection after working

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