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Monoshita Ayruani, Founder of Shape Lingeries, decided to solve women’s comfort issues with her brand. She realized that Bangladesh is an export hub which makes and exports lingeries. After exporting the goods abroad, the leftovers are sold to native women. However, the leftovers

As the founder of the EventSia, Saikat Alam Saif always tried to create pictures according to their client’s requirements and their main goal is to create the images into reality. Q. What was the first aim in mind in order to have a successful

Recently, I got a scope to communicate with Mr. Harun ur Rashid, a CEO and Founder of which is the first AI Education platform in Bangladesh. I got to know about his work ventures and his strategies of dealing

‘Hard work is the key to success’ – we are all very well acquainted with the proverb, and successful entrepreneurs live proof of that. Whatever you dream and whatever you want, there is only one thing you can do- that is

Career development can be a tricky thing. As a student myself, I feel this very often- how to develop myself and my career, what to do, and what not to. To help you build yourself and to show you your

“I have learned people always don’t need the perfect solution but need it at the perfect time as well.”  We may have the preconceived idea that entrepreneurship is all about finding the right solution but timing is also important as much.

Meet the team Let's Furnish, B M Mohaiminul Islam Rahul, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Efaz Ahmed, Co-Founder & CEO, Tauhid Ul Alam, Co-Founder & CFO, Nabila Nowrin and Nahid Sharmin, Advisors. Hear from them about their journey! Who inspired you