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Tanjila Taslim Sheetal, Country Lead - Brand, Communications & Marketing at Audi Bangladesh, shares insights on Audi's evolving brand strategy, customer engagement, sustainability, and empowering women in the automotive industry. Q. Audi is a renowned brand with a strong identity. How

Subah Afrin, Head of Trade Product and Vice President of Citi Bank Bangladesh, stands out as a remarkable leader and professional, deeply rooted in her career journey at Citi. Afrin began her career as a Management Associate 13.5 years ago,

Dr. Mahjabin Haque Masha, Corporate Director of Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa Limited, reshapes the hospitality sector through sustainable practices, community engagement, and personalized guest experiences. Dr. Mahjabin Haque Masha's journey into the business world reflects a rich tapestry of

Fayez Ahmed, Head of Brand, Corporate Sales & Retail Operation of Monno Ceramic and Head of Operation of MARS Retail Limited, is redefining industry standards through unwavering dedication to quality, cutting-edge innovation, and a timeless commitment to excellence in Bangladesh's ceramic manufacturing

Golam Rabbani, Brand Lead at ROSA, a concern of AkijBashir Group, provides valuable insights into his leadership philosophy and the strategies employed to differentiate ROSA in the competitive sanitaryware and bathware market. This interview explores Rabbani's collaborative leadership style, ROSA's unique

Yasir Sabab, Manager - Marketing, Brand & Communication at MICLO, has shared insights on MICLO's vision, cultural integration, and sustainable approach to clothing power. Q. Can you share insights into MICLO's approach to fashion and clothing trends in the Bangladesh market? The

Shahjada Yeasir Arafat Shuvo, Manager, Head of Brand, Fresh Ceramics at Meghna Group of Industries, his ten-year journey, starting from college experiences, reflects a foundation in customer care. Shahjada's skills in negotiation and communication propelled him into a dynamic career