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Author: Noman Khan

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Noman Khan is the Editor-in-Chief & CEO of Gaznobay.


Nahida Akter, Country Business Manager, Cloud Platform Of Oracle Bangladesh, Forges Purposeful Leadership Path, Steering Growth with Passion and Strategy. In the intricate world of business management, Nahida Akter emerges as a leader driven by a combination of natural inclination and


In a candid discussion, Farzana Ahmed Tanny, Head of Priti at IPDC Finance Limited, sheds light on the evolution of IPDC's commitment to empowering women through financial services, particularly with the innovative "IPDC Priti" platform. Farzana Ahmed Tanny sets the stage


Achia Nila, Founder, MD & CEO of Women in Digital, is bridging the gender gap in the tech industry, creating opportunities for women, and fostering a more inclusive and equitable digital space. The tech industry is often praised for its innovation,


In an exclusive interview with Laila Noor E Najnin, the visionary founder and owner of Radiant Smile Dental Clinic, we delve into her journey from a young dreamer to a successful entrepreneur in the field of dentistry. From the very beginning,


Manzuma Mozumder, Founder and CEO of M&M Business Communications, shares her guiding principles and strategies for success, emphasizing the importance of passion and dedication. Q. Hi, Manzuma! Hope you are doing well. Could you tell us about the inspiration behind founding


Sabrina Mridha, Director of Marketing & Communication of Amari Dhaka, spearheads initiatives that champion women's empowerment and foster inclusivity within the luxury hospitality industry. Luxury hospitality is synonymous with opulence, elegance, and impeccable service. Amidst this landscape, Amari Dhaka emerges not


Tanjila Taslim Sheetal, Country Lead - Brand, Communications & Marketing at Audi Bangladesh, shares insights on Audi's evolving brand strategy, customer engagement, sustainability, and empowering women in the automotive industry. Q. Audi is a renowned brand with a strong identity. How