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Manzuma Morshed

Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur: Manzuma Murshed

Manzuma Murshed, is an entrepreneur based in Chattogram who is the managing partner of Mentors’ Chittagong, has carved a dual role for herself. First, she yearns to foster economic independence among young women and recognizes that commercial success needs education and skill. Her second forte is to counsel the students in making the right career choices.

Manzuma’s professional interests are seamlessly blended with her social interests, she is a passionate advocate of women’s rights, never failing to highlight the role women play in society and their contribution to the growth of the country.


From her experience in working with young women from across 16 countries at Asian University for Women (AUW), she gained insights into how the millennial generation thinks and acts. In her role as Assistant Director of Admissions, she was instrumental in bringing in hundreds of young women from several Asian countries to AUW Bangladesh which transformed their lives. Later on, in her role as Dean of Students, she ensured students’ mental and physical wellness by bringing in requisite policies and structure. Later, at East Delta University (EDU), in her capacity as Director of Placement Cell and the Registrar, Manzuma guided both students and alumni in career planning and developing soft skills. She also worked to enhance the visibility and reputation of EDU by developing strong relations with the corporate world and building the University’s overall brand image nationally, and internationally.

Moving on, Manzuma embarked on her journey as an entrepreneur and took over Mentors’ in Chattogram. Using her leadership skills, she revived the institution and now it has become a primary choice for the students who want to go abroad for studying. Manzuma is also the Managing Partner of Winning Magnitude Bangladesh. Winning Magnitude Sdn Bhd is a renowned organization for student recruitment based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a network in six countries.

“I strongly believe in setting clear and achievable goals, both professionally and personally. This helps me to stay focused and motivated and provides a roadmap for my efforts.” – Manzuma Morshed

Recognizing the dearth of women in businesses Manzuma set up M&M Business Communications with a unique vision which is to highlight the entrepreneurial talent of women. Hence, M&M conceive, plans, designs, and organizes exhibitions, training, community dialogues, and other social events to promote the economic activities of women and to highlight their undeniable nation-building role. The platform provided by M &M has successfully launched the careers of several young women entrepreneurs. In the past few years under Manzuma’s great natural ability to organize people and activities, M&M has organized several successful events. These events ranged from the Conference on Women Empowerment & Leadership in collaboration with United Commercial Bank (UCB), Wedding Expos in partnership with Radisson Blu Chattogram and Eid Exhibitions with participants from Dhaka, Chattogram, Dubai, India and beyond.


Manzuma is deeply passionate about her work and always gives her full to whatever project she works on. As a member of the Chittagong Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other similar forums using her rich experience and single-mindedness she contributes towards a society where gender parity is practiced in all aspects of life.

She loves listening to music in her leisure time. Also love reading self-help books. She believes reading self-help books is a form of continuous learning. It allows you to explore new ideas and perspectives, perspectives, which can broaden your horizons and stimulate yours.

The motto she always follows for all her ventures is “Do what you love and love what you do”. Because when you love what you do and you are passionate about something, that shows in your work. There is bound to be success. She is deeply passionate about her work and always gives her full to whatever project she works on. Using her experience and single-mindedness, she always tries to contribute towards a society where gender parity is practiced in all aspects of life.

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