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Xiaomi 10 pro

Xiaomi MI 10 Pro has gained 83 points on DxOMark for Selfie Rating

In today’s modern era, flexibility and wearability are the two serving keywords which are present in the components of mobile phones. Among the companies of mobile phones, Xiaomi is a Beijing based associated company which has introduced its first smartphone in August 2011, and by 2014 it had instantly risen to the uppermost of the ultra Crowded Chinese Technology market. At present, people take their own pictures through phone and a lot of new features has come to smartphones. Xiaomi has also launched a new phone with some different features.

On 13 February 2020, a new model of Xiaomi was launched which is named Xiaomi MI 10 Pro. It is recognized that Xiaomi MI 10 Pro is the 5G flagship smartphone, which gives us a first-class quad-rear camera setup and also the high resolution of 108 MP sensor which contributes to excellent photography. Furthermore, Xiaomi MI 10 materializes itself with a (1) 20MP 1/3-inch sensor with 0.9µm pixels, (2) fixed -focus, (3) f/2.0-aperture lens, (4) 1080p/30fps video recording (5) resulting in grasping good selfies.

But, DxOMark is dissatisfied with the review of the selfie camera of Xiaomi MI 10 Pro. They have rated this smartphone 83 points under the analysis of the selfie camera because it does not have the high resolution of clicking pictures and it has a medium quality of the lens. It will do the task for the individual that prefers to post the rare selfie shot or video on social media. And the selfie camera will work for the individual who is not eager about the shortage of dynamic range or the ineffective stabilization process.

Photo Credit: Gizchina

DxOMark is the governing foundation that analyzes smartphones, lenses, and cameras and it was established in 2008. Hundreds of individual test outcomes of each gadget which is assembled into one count which is known as the DxOMark score. Also, the DxOMark score adds the assessment of a device image quality. The product is considered good when it acquires higher scores.

Photo Credit: Gizchina

So, as we see that DxOMark provided 83 points to Xiaomi MI 10 Pro, and this score is considered as an average record. Xiaomi MI 10 Pro is considered the best of all devices, but because of DxoMark scores, it is placed in the middle of the ranking chart. Though DxoMark has mentioned that the quality of the rear camera is the best and if somebody wants to work with the feature of a back camera, the Xiaomi MI 10 Pro is recommended for that individual. But, if somebody wants to have a high-resolution front camera for pictures or videos then this smartphone is not a good option.

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