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Willpower Human actions and mental

Willpower: Human actions and mental peace

The best creature of God is human, there is no work he can’t do. People dream, work to fulfill it, work hard. All people have some goals in their lives, someone wants to become doctors, someone wants to become engineers, somebody had a dream to become a BCS cadre (Bangladesh Civil Service ), and someone wants to settle in a foreign country.

As easy as life was in childhood, growing up can mean just how different and difficult reality is. To survive in this life war, we often choose many wrong ways. First of all, if everything is in our favor but after a while, we have to pay for all the work we have done. Looking around this society, it is understood that people are committing immense misery only to make their lives beautiful.

Can they bring happiness to their lives or be happy themselves?

This question remains! It seems that you only hurt one of your friends for your own sake. At the end of the day, will you be able to sleep in peace or be happy with whatever interests you have?

If you are truly a human being, you will never be able to do it. Human life is short but his actions keep him immortal. Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Begum Rokeya, They are not with us today but they will live with us forever by their actions. When a human does something good in life, he can spend the rest of his life in peace, but at the last moment of his life, when he looks back & sees something good. When there is no action, he repents. But alas! Now that there is no profit to repentance.

Human actions and mental peace are interconnected. When you see a good deed you feel peace in your mind, the body feels very light, the mood is good, then when you have to lie or do something bad, you will see your mind unhappy. Feeling, the body is broken, the mood is not good. Mental peace comes from human actions. So we should do more good, help each other, not harm others for our good. We can do it easily if we want good work, not very hard work. It just needs our willpower and ability.

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Currently, she is doing her bachelor's degree from Jagannath University.

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