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Viber Inaugurates Its Mini-documentary Series ‘Heroes of Viber’

At present smartphones conquer the telecommunications demand as almost every person has phones and uses apps for connecting with other people. Viber is one of the apps that commenced their path on Dec 2, 2010, and handed over the nation to a new introduction of many unique features in a big platform and it has a packed integration with telecommunication systems over data and Wifi. On their happy occasion of decade anniversary, Viber put together a new project for their users.

Rakuten Viber disclosed the liftoff of its 14-episode small-documentary series called  ‘Heroes of Viber’ which confides realistic tales of how people’s existences around the globe transformed over the past years by trying Viber. On Monday, the declaration was formulated via a press release which was handed out by Viber.

The campaign commemorates Viber’s tenth recurrence, proclaiming its progress into one of the world’s most widely obtained messaging apps through the folks who kept using Viber to give rise to consequential connections throughout the ages.

Heretofore, The release exclaimed that  Viber has been launched 10 years ago and it has provided the people with some step-forward details for their benefits, such as free VoIP calls to group video chats, fun stickers, and one of the top-grade security codes by default to secure user’s data privacy.

In the present period, Viber enjoys heroes that shared their real personal stories from different countries worldwide through short videos. Ten countries did the honor, they are Algeria, Bulgaria, Russia, Iraq,  Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, Nepal, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

The main performers are from distinct generations and settings, they expressed their tales from meeting their substantial others on Viber in correspondence with old buddies to get hold of encouragement which is terminated by the program of Viber.

The Head Growth Representative of Optimist Viber Anna Znamenskaya confessed that they completely assumed the achievement of this platform for the number of the ten years is extremely special and they bind out completely to their users throughout the broad spectrum of those real folks who operate Viber to unite with others. And also added that there is a genuine story behind every chat that made people get in touch with their close ones and Anna is very much grateful and extremely delighted that Viber has been worthy to become a portion of people’s existence as individuals can split their emotions of fun, happiness, painful eternities at times altogether the actual feelings shakes out.

This unique idea of Viber of this documentary series has motivated species to share their stories in their way and through their stories, other mankind can even relate themselves and can start doing their relationship stronger with their closed ones, it can be said that it is a process of connecting people to their closed ones.

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