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Strength Memories which gives us

Strength: Memories which gives us strength

When we are studying in college and universities and our life is full of pressure like the pressure of group work, presentation, assignment, report writing all these things we just take a look back at our school days and feel like how beautiful were those days.

Every person has to start the journey of his educational life through school. The first day at school is like, you are in a new place with a bounce of new people and the most interesting part is you don’t know anyone. You feel like your mom and dad are pushing you to do something which you are not interested at all. But after passing someday with new people they become a part of your life and playing an important role in your life.

The most precious character which we make is “friends”. Some become best friend and some become casual friends. The memories which we made at school days will be always in our mind and at the moment of insecurity or unexpected situation that memory will pop up in our mind. And we feel like Yes, those days were better. Life is like a river that will never stop flowing. School life is not a small amount of time we spend but the main thing we got from that time is the most precious part of our life. The learning, experience, support, the mindset we get from there will lead us to the next level of our life.

In a person’s life, there are thousands of memory he or she makes form school life some of them are sweet and some of them are sour. All of them are like lessons we taught and experience in real life. Taking all the memories and experiences in our heads, we have to walk the rest of our life. We can’t get those moments back in real life we just only memorize them. Walking up for school in the morning, arriving late in the class, waiting for the break time, sharing tiffin with friends, poking each other in class, calling friends by using weird nicknames, coming back to hone with gossiping with friends, doing new things with them, exploring new relationships all these small things will become an unforgettable part and we can not get them back. So school life is the doing part of a person’s life. Enjoy it, explore it, do whatever you wanted to do, make mistakes, and fill your memory with them for the rest of your life.

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Currently, she is doing her bachelor's degree from Jagannath University.

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  • Sabbir Ahmed
    June 13, 2020

    Very heartwarming ❤

  • Kamrun Nahar Oishi
    July 30, 2020

    Thank you 😊

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