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Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.

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Sinthia Sharmin

Pharmacist To Tycoon: Sinthia Sharmin

In the ever-shifting landscape of entrepreneurship, tales of transformation resonate deeply. Sinthia Sharmin’s journey from pharmacist to e-commerce leader exemplifies determination, innovation, and social responsibility. Let’s start our full conversation.

Q. Can you share the inspiration behind founding Shajgoj and its mission in the beauty industry?

In 2012, after working in a Nigerian community pharmacy as a community pharmacist, I aimed for financial independence. To achieve this, I decided to go back to Bangladesh and start my own business. Along with two co-founders, we explored various options and stumbled upon a gap in the country’s beauty sector.

We also noticed the country’s per capita income was going up, and the demand for luxurious goods and skincare products were rising. We decided to start a business in the beauty industry. With my knowledge of ingredients and beauty products, I added value to the business. We began by creating content to teach people in Bangladesh about beauty and wellness. By 2017, our hard work turned us into an e-commerce powerhouse, delivering across 87,000 villages in Bangladesh and nine physical showrooms.

As the company grew, my responsibilities got bigger. From starting with just a few employees, we now have over 800. We are in charge of their income, and they’ve become my inspiration. What started as a plan to be financially stable turned into a responsibility to work hard for the people in this company who treat the company as their own.

Sinthia Sharmin

Q. Can you share insights into your leadership style and how it has contributed to Shajgoj’s success?

With just two years of professional experience, I took a leap into the beauty business. I’ve learned everything step by step, building this company from the ground up. A lot of my knowledge comes from my co-founders and colleagues. Through this journey, I’ve realized the importance of teamwork in building a company. I make sure to keep the company inclusive, allowing employees to freely share their ideas and ensuring they feel valued.

Our success also lies in the transparency surrounding our core values. Everyone in the team is aligned with our company’s values, and they are integrated into our daily activities. This collective effort and commitment have been key factors behind our success.

Q. What are some of the key professional accomplishments that you are particularly proud of?

For me, the most significant accomplishment is the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my journey. Learning from both successes and challenges, I’ve gained insights into what works and what doesn’t. This experiential learning, added with knowledge gathered from various sources, has enabled me to contribute positively to society and add value to people’s lives. This continuous process of learning and applying insights is something I take immense pride in. And no words amount to that.

Q. Shajgoj has a strong online presence. How do you navigate the challenges and opportunities in the e-commerce landscape for beauty products?

Shajgoj has established a strong online presence.  Navigating the challenges and opportunities in the e-commerce landscape for beauty products requires a focus on trust.

Building trust has been a team effort for us from the start, with every employee aligned to this principle. Our approach centers around understanding customer needs, upholding core values, offering authentic products, providing free consultations, ensuring timely delivery, and delivering excellent after-sales service. These have been crucial in positioning our brand ahead from the rest.

Q. As the Chief Content Officer, how do you contribute to shaping Shajgoj’s brand identity and creative direction? How do you stay innovative in meeting different customer preferences?

As the Chief Content Officer, it is very important to understand the significance of content in the beauty industry. I recognized that most people of Bangladesh need guidance for their skincare, hair, and overall wellness concerns and  I dedicated years to creating informative content for them.

By listening to their concerns and addressing them through content creation, I contribute to building a brand that prioritizes education and customer empowerment. Staying innovative involves continuously adapting our content to meet evolving customer preferences.

Q. How does Shajgoj prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in the beauty products it promotes?

Our commitment starts with creating valuable content to inform customers about their concerns, various ingredients, and what suits them best. By imparting knowledge, we empower customers to make informed decisions, avoiding unnecessary purchases and minimizing resource waste.

We also extend our message to third-party partners, encouraging them to reduce plastic and paper usage. Through these practices, Shajgoj promotes sustainability.

Q. How does technology play a role in Shajgoj’s business strategy, especially considering the dynamic nature of the beauty market?

Technology has been the driving force behind Shajgoj’s success. We kicked off in 2013 as a Bengali beauty content platform and smoothly transformed into an e-commerce powerhouse with the help of technology. 

Technology for us is like oxygen that’s been breathing life into our business.

Q. Shajgoj has a community aspect with user reviews and discussions. How does this engagement contribute to the overall customer experience?

SHAJGOj is more than just a brand. It’s a space where customers freely express their beauty and wellness queries. We aim to create a well-informed community where members can gain knowledge and then share the right information with family and friends, creating a ripple effect of positive beauty practices.

With an insider community of over 2 million passionate individuals, we have cultivated a space where people share knowledge about beauty, makeup, and wellness.

Sinthia Sharmin

Q. As a leader in the beauty industry, what advice would you give to individuals who want to start a new venture/business?

For people who want to start a new venture my advice is centered on understanding your customer base. It is of the utmost importance to understand your customer’s pain.  Clearly define the problem you aim to solve and have a thorough understanding of how to solve their problem.  Building a successful business requires consistent effort, often involving long hours—around 15-16 hours a day, especially in the initial years. So make sure you are absolutely passionate about your business.

Q. Balancing leadership responsibilities and personal interests can be challenging. How do you manage to strike a balance between your professional and personal life?

It is indeed challenging, but I’ve found that incorporating work-life integration is a key strategy. As a mother of two, with the added responsibility of leading a company and its employees, setting priorities becomes crucial. It involves me making conscious decisions about where to invest my time and energy, ensuring that I fulfill my duties as a leader whose steps people can follow.

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