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Apply your Leadership skill in society

Leadership: Apply your Leadership skill in society

Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an individual or group toward the achievement of a goal.

A classless society does not mean a society without leaders. It means rather one, in which every citizen for the first time is eligible for leadership if he has the power and capability to lead. It means a society in which everyone is given, as far as possible, the chance and opportunity to develop this capacity and power by the widest diffusion of educational opportunities in the broadest sense, and by keeping the career wide open to talents of every useful kind.

It is often said that the community of equals will not allow itself to led. But most men are, in mist things, very willing to be led, and in danger of giving their leaders too much rather than too little authority, especially if they are free to choose them, and assured that the leaders cannot exploit them for personal economic advantage; leadership so far from disappointing will come into its own in a truly democratic society. But it is likely to be a more pervaded leadership than we are used to; for a better-nurtured people will have more citizens with strong wills and of their wish to lead, some in politics, some in industry, and some in the professions and art of life. This is the idea of a classless society.

In the end, Some will reject it as inverse to their interests, some as Utopian and “ against human nature”, for there are some who contradict, indeed if not in word, that the aim of society should be to promote the greatest happiness and welfare of the greatest number, and others who hold with pessimistic righteousness, that most men must be driven and not led.

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