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Purnima Jahaan

Justice Through Integrity: Purnima Jahaan

Purnima Jahaan, Advocate and Barrister of Supreme Court of Bangladesh, shares her journey and insights on the importance of communication, integrity, and overcoming challenges in the legal profession.

In the Asian Subcontinent, children tend to be motivated by their parents. Parents groom their children for the future. From Purnima’s very childhood, she knew she wanted to be a lawyer. At the age of seven, Purnima moved to India and attended a British Boarding school. Later she completed her A levels and O levels from Maple Leaf International School and moved to England.

Purnima had a huge passion for practicing law. Her father was her biggest inspiration. According to Purnima, for being a lawyer, good communication skills are crucial. This skill is a must-have for the professions related to law. Bangladesh is an extremely diversified country. Every profession has a diversified workforce and clients. Studying at a boarding school helped Purnima to communicate with a diverse group of people which improved her communication skills. Persuasiveness is another important aspect of lawyers. A lawyer represents his/her client in front of a court. It is their ethical duty not to mislead the court. They must utter every single word carefully so that those words are always in favor of the clients.

While Purnima was asked to share one of the memorable cases, she handled with Gaznobay, she mentioned a case where a teenage boy was victimized due to a post he shared on social media. His professor tried to protect him and as a result, the professor had to face huge consequences and difficulties. While representing the professor, Purnima had to handle the case with utmost care as the case had so many sensitive aspects. She was able to achieve justice for the professor.

Meeting clients’ perceptions and expectations is a challenge in every service sector and Purnima handles it better than anyone. She handles each of her cases with utmost care and gives all of them equal importance. To her, every client is equally important and all of the cases deserve her equal attention. She never provides any information to her clients that may mislead them. She explains the situation in terms of law and showcases both the optimistic and the pessimistic side. Also, according to Purnima, the digital transformation in the justice system of Bangladesh was a revolutionary initiative. This has made the legal development possible in a modern way.

The root must be strong for the tree to grow strong and produce fruit. Unfortunately, for the youths who are currently joining this sector, there is so much scope for modification in their studies. Due to the changed curriculum over the years, new generations’ way of learning is so different that they have difficulty coping with the real work pace. Purnima also mentioned that society’s perception of lawyers is another crucial challenge. People are being misled by third parties which is harmful for both the clients and the lawyers. Due to Bangladesh’s economic and educational circumstances, people’s mindsets are heavily biased. All of these situations are currently risking the high court and the people related to it.

According to Purnima, a leader should always be able to adapt to the circumstance and make others understand their point of view. They should never hold back their thinking. A leader will always protest against the wrong and rise with others even if they are in the minority. According to Purnima, those who don’t know how to stand up for themselves, cannot achieve big things in life.

It is not easy to be established in a country like Bangladesh, especially for women. Purnima mentioned how it was hard for her as well. Though she has an amazing bond with her male colleagues now, she faced a lot of criticism for being a woman. People used to think that because of her gender, Purnima received so many privileges. Her hard work was always being ignored. But, Purnima never took any of these criticisms negatively. Rather, she works even harder and does not let those obstacles stop her from doing what she wants to do and achieving her goals.

Despite her busy schedule, Purnima always makes sure to spend 5days a week in the gym. Purnima is someone who enjoys traveling a lot. Her most favorite spots in Bangladesh are her native village in Gopalganj, Sylhet, Chottogram, and Cox’s Bazar. She also loves to spend time with her friends.

Purnima says that the credit for her success in both professional and personal life goes to her parents. They are the ones who managed Purnima and her life patiently and with utmost care.

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