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Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.

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Mahjabin Haque Masha

Innovative Hospitality Leadership: Mahjabin Haque Masha

Dr. Mahjabin Haque Masha, Corporate Director of Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa Limited, reshapes the hospitality sector through sustainable practices, community engagement, and personalized guest experiences.

Dr. Mahjabin Haque Masha’s journey into the business world reflects a rich tapestry of education, experience, and inspiration drawn from her family’s entrepreneurial spirit. After completing her MBBS from Community Based Medical College Bangladesh with honors in various subjects, she furthered her studies with an MPH, C-CCD, and CCD from respected institutions like BIRDEM and the National Heart Foundation. These academic achievements, coupled with her experience as an ex-cadet of Mymensingh Girls Cadet College, demonstrate her dedication to both her medical profession and business pursuits.

Mahjabin Haque Masha

Born into a business family, Dr. Masha found her inspiration in her father’s passion and achievements, leading her to explore the world of transport business during her medical internship. Despite her medical commitments, she successfully balanced her dual roles, which eventually earned her a spot as the youngest member of the Board of Directors of BRTC Bangladesh. This early success laid the foundation for her transition into the hospitality industry, where her passion and fascination with the challenges and opportunities within the sector continued to grow.

As Corporate Director of Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa Limited, Dr. Masha emphasizes the delicate balance between traditional hospitality and modern amenities. The resort is renowned for its luxurious accommodations and is a leading example of how modern technology and sustainable practices can coexist with traditional values. Dr. Masha believes in fostering a company culture that embodies both warmth and efficiency. This approach is reinforced through rigorous staff training and development, technology integration, and a strong focus on sustainability.

Mahjabin Haque Masha

Guest personalization is a key aspect of Sea Pearl’s service strategy. The team makes a concerted effort to remember guests’ preferences, names, and special occasions, adding a personal touch that enhances the overall experience. Additionally, guest feedback is actively sought to ensure continuous improvement, demonstrating the resort’s commitment to creating a dynamic and memorable guest experience.

Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa Limited takes pride in its eco-friendly initiatives, which are crucial in the hospitality sector’s drive toward environmental conservation. The resort has its own water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, and solar plant, contributing to energy recycling and wastewater reuse. Energy-efficient technologies, such as LED lighting and smart thermostats, are integrated to minimize the resort’s carbon footprint.

Mahjabin Haque Masha

Beyond environmental conservation, Sea Pearl is dedicated to community development. Constructed in a remote location at Inani Beach, where resources were limited, the resort has played a pivotal role in creating jobs and business opportunities for the local community. Sea Pearl’s commitment to using locally sourced products, supporting local farmers, and engaging in charitable activities underscores its positive impact on the surrounding community.

To maintain Sea Pearl’s reputation for excellence in a competitive market, Dr. Masha and her team focus on several strategic approaches. Comprehensive market research is conducted to stay ahead of industry trends, competitor strategies, and evolving guest preferences. Innovation in service offerings, amenities, and guest experiences sets Sea Pearl apart from its competitors. By introducing unique and personalized services, such as exclusive packages and themed events, the resort continuously captivates its guests.

Dr. Masha believes that a motivated team is the backbone of a successful hospitality operation. She employs various strategies to foster a positive work culture, including clear communication of the company’s vision and goals, recognition programs, and empowerment of employees. Investing in professional development and team-building activities, along with flexible work environments and employee wellbeing, is crucial in maintaining a collaborative and engaged workforce.

Mahjabin Haque Masha

The travel industry has faced significant challenges in recent years, but Sea Pearl has adapted by implementing rigorous health and safety protocols and embracing digital technologies for contactless interactions. The resort has also diversified its offerings to cater to changing travel trends, focusing on wellness retreats and remote work packages. These adaptive strategies have positioned Sea Pearl as a resilient and forward-thinking player in the hospitality sector.

Dr. Masha’s leadership and achievements have not gone unnoticed. She was awarded the prestigious IPDC “POP of Color” Women in Business award in 2019 in the category of “Game Changer,” recognizing her significant contributions to the transport business and her position as the youngest member of the BRTC Board of Directors. Additionally, she was recognized among a select group of women in the timeshare business at the HICAP Conference in Singapore in 2014. Under her leadership, Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa Limited has won “The World Luxury Hotels Award” for the Luxurious Beach Resort category from 2017 to 2023, showcasing the resort’s consistent excellence.

Mahjabin Haque Masha

Dr. Masha leads by example when it comes to promoting diversity and inclusion within the Sea Pearl team. She ensures that inclusive policies are in place, blind recruitment techniques are used, and diversity and inclusion topics are integrated into leadership development programs. By fostering an inclusive culture, Sea Pearl aims to create a supportive environment that celebrates diversity and equal opportunities for all employees.

Dr. Mahjabin Haque Masha’s remarkable journey from medical school to becoming the Corporate Director of Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa Limited showcases her dedication to excellence, sustainability, and community development. Her innovative strategies, commitment to sustainability, and inclusive leadership have not only positioned Sea Pearl as a leader in the hospitality industry but also contributed to the growth and wellbeing of the surrounding community. Dr. Masha’s approach to business exemplifies how traditional values and modern practices can create a harmonious and successful enterprise.

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