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From now You can Download ‘GTA 5’ For Free

On the 14th of May 2020, gamers were taken by storm. Epic Games launched the renowned game, GTA 5 is free of cost on their online store. This game is extremely popular throughout the world. But the question arises, why did Epic decide to launch this free of cost? When it had the opportunity to earn by selling it as usual.

GTA 5 was originally launched in 2013, Despite being nearly a decade old, the game still has a strong fanbase and many enjoy playing it. GTA 5 is the last version of the iconic GTA series. Epic Games used this iconic game to gain itself a competitive advantage. Rockstar Games, the original developer of the GTA series, had launched online versions of the game as well. However, over time the concept of online gaming began to fade away and it lost popularity. The relaunch of GTA 5 has somewhat revived that popularity and generated a new interest in it. The launch had created super because Epic was offering the premium version of the game free. The game also included the feature of playing online and other lucrative features within the game. 


Epic games are a relatively new firm in this industry, it has to compete to establish itself among the other well-established firms such as Steam and Origin. Epic decided to launch this game free to create public interest in its online store and the strategy worked well. Surveys showed that after the free launch, the number of PC gamers increased by a whopping 245%. This indicates a huge potential customer base for Epic. In comparison with its chief competitor, Steam, epic has gained considerable popularity. Many gamers who never used Epic, now have an account and are making frequent purchases. In a financial context, Epic might incur a few drawbacks but only for a short while. The boom in popularity will later help generate revenues that can be even greater than that of its competitors. For Rockstar the renewed interest can help boost sales and increase revenue. Rockstar can also use this attention to build up hype for its upcoming GTA 6 which can increase sales even more. 

GTA 5 Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

Epic Games used this free launch as a brand exposure strategy. the firm would have had a slow growth in terms of finances if it decided to sell the premium version. Also, the collection of games offered by Epic is more attractive compared to Steam or other competitors. So, even though GTA5 was launched for free, Epic and Rockstar can eventually earn millions in the future because the strategy was well designed and most importantly well – executed.

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