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EON Group

Eon Group Inaugurates First Ever Automated Milk Factory

Eon Group took the agricultural field of Bangladesh to another level with its first automated dairy farm at Badarganj, district of Rangpur.

Dr. AKM Serajul Haq, the adviser of the farm, said that they are not using their hands in any way as milk is produced in an automated machine. It includes milking, pasteurization, homogenization, and packing of the products. Besides, ghee, ice cream, yogurt will also be produced. Minister of Fisheries and Livestock was present in the program, which was inaugurated by Eon Hi-Tech Dairy Farm under the brand’s name “Bakara.” The milking of cows, removal of harmful antibiotics from milk, etc, are done automatically, as Momin-ud-Daulah, the managing director, said. The amount of milk available to sell in the market is 500ml and 1000ml with both fat and non-fat milk flavors.

At present, 2000 litres of milk are produced daily, which the group plans to increase to 10,000 litres and sell by other companies under their group.

The cows are kept in many large sheds by Eon BioScience Dairy Farm as designed by Swedish company D Level. The farm is built on 50 acres of land at the end of 2019. In that year, 225 Holstein Friesian cows were imported from Australia by Eon Group, which bred 198 new calves.

Besides, IoT sensors are used to monitor the overall condition of the cows.

Momin said that Bangladesh annually produced milk 10 times more than the last few years, but it still spends around BDT. 4000 crore every year to import milk.

Other than fulfilling the domestic demand, the expansion of the farm will increase employment. At present, the group has about two and half thousand employees working under its 20 sister concerns.

Eon Animal Health that started as a small-scale business in 2000 is now a large organization.

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