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Farzana Ahmed Tanny

Empowering Women Economically: Farzana Ahmed Tanny

In a candid discussion, Farzana Ahmed Tanny, Head of Priti at IPDC Finance Limited, sheds light on the evolution of IPDC’s commitment to empowering women through financial services, particularly with the innovative “IPDC Priti” platform.

Farzana Ahmed Tanny sets the stage by articulating IPDC Finance’s overarching mission—to emerge as the premier financial brand in Bangladesh, with a dedicated focus on youth, women, and underprivileged communities. Central to this vision is the groundbreaking “IPDC Priti” initiative, meticulously crafted to uplift women’s economic welfare, financial stability, and overall livelihood. Complementing this endeavor is “Joyee,” an exclusive offering tailored to bolster women in business, providing them with a competitive edge for success.

 Farzana Ahmed Tanny

Farzana delves into the distinctive attributes of IPDC Priti, elucidating its multifaceted benefits for women clients. These include special interest rates, exclusive discounts at partner outlets, priority access to events, and advantageous loan terms. Notably, women availing IPDC Auto Loan are offered complimentary driving lessons, further amplifying their financial independence and mobility.

Highlighting IPDC’s commitment to inclusivity, Farzana underscores the broad eligibility criteria for IPDC Priti, extending its embrace to women aged 18 to 65. She outlines the minimum deposit requirements for various schemes, ensuring accessibility across diverse socioeconomic strata. For time deposits (FDR), the minimum deposit stands at BDT 50,000 for a tenure of 6 months or more. Meanwhile, the minimum deposit for savings schemes is BDT 5,000 for a tenure of 3 years or more.
Farzana emphasizes how IPDC Priti catalyzes tangible impact by fostering sustainable financial plans, particularly empowering Bengali women entrepreneurs. Through preferential rates for deposits and loans, Priti incentivizes economic self-sufficiency, igniting entrepreneurial spirits and fostering broader financial inclusion.

Farzana expounds on the pivotal role of partnerships in amplifying the reach and impact of IPDC Priti. Collaborations not only enhance visibility but also cultivate trust and credibility among consumers. Moreover, strategic partnerships facilitate mutual growth, boosting sales, and conversion rates while expanding outreach to new customer segments.

Farzana Ahmed Tanny

Transitioning beyond finance, Farzana shares her personal strategies for stress management and holistic well-being. She underscores the importance of engaging in physical activities and nurturing meaningful connections with loved ones. Furthermore, she reflects on the transformative power of experiential learning, emphasizing its role in shaping effective leadership and fostering continuous growth.
Farzana unveils her passion for photography, revealing how it serves as a creative outlet and source of fulfillment in her life. Through the lens of her camera, she captures fleeting moments, preserving memories, and finding solace in the beauty of the world around her.

In essence, Farzana Ahmed Tanny’s narrative embodies the convergence of financial empowerment, personal wellness, and creative expression. Through her leadership at IPDC Priti, she exemplifies a holistic approach to success, driving positive change and inspiring women to pursue their dreams with confidence and resilience.

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